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What is Exclusive Patented Vibration Technology?

Zhock Exclusive Patented Vibration Technology "Sound Force 2.2" is a brand new patented technology that can adjust the vibration intensity according to different sound frequencies.

Most of the "4D headphone" on the market are actually based on 3D stereo effects, added with a single vibration function from the vibrator.

The sound system of our Exclusive Patented Vibration Technology , however, can clearly identify the source of the sound, and adjust the direction of the source of the vibration wave, so that the vibration frequency and sound effect can be perfectly matched.

Our technology "Sound Force 2.2" greatly improves the fineness of vibration, and can create vibrations with different directions and strengths according to different sound sources. That create a true "4D headphone".

Compared with the traditional technology, which only responds to the vibration of the bass,  our Exclusive Patented Vibration Technology can sense a wide range of tones across the 3 layers of high, medium and low audio, so that the headphone can create vibration response on top of the traditional sound effects.

Users can recognize the position not only by listening to the sound, but also by the tactile sense, which further enhances sensory enjoymenmt, setting off a revolution in the field of audio.

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